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For the past 20 years, Edits International has helped clients in business, industry, and academia communicate more effectively.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA (USA), Edits International is owned by Nancy Downes (MA Linguistics, MA Professional Writing). Ms. Downes has worked as a technical writer and editor, medical writer, university-level instructor, and corporate communications manager.

Ms. Downes works with a small staff of experienced and highly-qualified editors, linguists (ESL instructors), and businesspeople who help clients learn new skills and succeed in an English-speaking environment through:

We appreciate your interest in Edits International and we look forward to helping you!

[Edits International] helped me finalize the text for a collection of papers on Soviet foreign policy. The original text was written in English and included translations from Slavic languages as well.

The work was done in a very short time. The editor helped me clarify important points and greatly improved the style of the text while still maintaining my particular perspective. Following the publication of the collection, I received compliments from American colleagues about the precision and clarity of the language.

[My editor] was extremely patient in discussing changes to the text. With very rare professional skills and human qualities, she was one of the best editors I have ever met.

- Oleg Ken, European University at St. Petersburg