Completed projects

Edits International has edited a wide variety of documents for clients in business, industry, and academia. These include the following projects:


  • customer letters, revised for a Pittsburgh utility company.
  • correspondence and reports edited for senior managers at an international restaurant chain;
  • 30-page award application, edited for the HR department of a major financial services company;
  • 200-page contract on outsourcing of computer services, edited for an oil company (Texaco);
  • web content for a U.S. Department of Energy website.

The editing provided clear and accurate corrections for grammar and punctuation errors, as well as tips for making the text more concise. Just as importantly, [my editor] was easy to work with and responded very promptly to all requests.

- Vice president of training for major U.S. bank


  • TV manual, revised and redesigned for Mitsubishi;
  • description of a bolt-bearing plate used in coal mines, edited for a patent application;
  • product manual for Hooked on Phonics reading program.

I got the patent application sent in, and . . . the attorney commented on the quality of the work that was done on it. Great job! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into this.

- Bert Slater, American inventor


  • conference papers on topics in human-computer interaction, edited for a Korean doctoral student;
  • 30-page research article on HVAC systems, edited for a Japanese visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • research article edited for a professor at Mexico's Center for Research & Teaching of Economics
  • class papers in computational linguistics, edited for a Chinese grad student at the University of Southern California;
  • thesis in mechanical engineering, edited for a Chilean student at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • 300-page book manuscript on Soviet foreign policy in the 1930’s, edited for a Russian visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh;
  • selected chapters of a book manuscript on cognitive psychology, edited for a Swiss visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • dissertation on cranio-sacral therapy, edited for an American professor of physical therapy;
  • dissertation in electrical & computer engineering, edited for a Korean student at the University of Southern California;/li>
  • instructions for a board game, edited for a Los Angeles inventor;
  • dissertation in economics & business, edited for a Mexican Ph.D student at Carnegie Mellon University.

[My grad student] passed his Ph.D presentation with flying colors. The thesis looks excellent. . .

- Advisor of Colombian doctoral student