Online Text Editing

EI helps native and non-native speakers of English revise important documents so that they are clear, grammatically correct, and persuasive.

The Comprehensive Edit is a very detailed review which corrects errors and suggests ways to restate sections that are unclear or confusing. The Quick Edit notes mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage.

I am very happy for all the skills you are giving me to improve my English in general. Thanks for your comments about my learning. I am very happy about my progress in English in just a few days.

- Venezuelan doctoral student

Conversation Coaching

EI helps clients understand the rules of American English conversation and speak more confidently. Conversation Coaching enables clients to:

  • speak clearly about their professional accomplishments and goals;
  • converse more comfortably in different situations;
  • join, participate in, and leave group conversations;
  • agree and disagree politely;
  • "slow down" the conversation to ask for clarification or add their ideas;
  • understand pronunciation patterns that signal important ideas; and
  • understand what their "body language" communicates to Americans.

I just finished my presentation today. It went very well!… I [spoke] clearly and slowly, and I felt confident. (My posture appeared confident because I remembered your coaching). Thank you very much for your help!

- Nozomi, Japanese graduate student

Presentation Preparation

EI helps clients prepare professional presentations that advance their careers. Individuals discuss their needs with an editor and then e-mail the text of the presentation. Then, the editor creates an audio file of the talk that the client can use as a pronunciation guide to practice the presentation. Finally, the client and editor talk, review the client's progress, and clear up any remaining problems.

EI was very helpful. My editor helped me improve my pronunciation , and I felt very confident during my presentation. Audience members congratulated me on how professional my presentation was.

- M. Sanoja, chemical engineer